Our Story

Ala Blending Company

N-cube/ABC is a fast growing Indian spirits company involved in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution / of alcoholic beverages. We work with the purpose of "Innovation in product development and marketing of-fresh and unique blends of finest liquors".

There's a lot of blood, sweat, and guts along with the strong spirit between dreams and success.

ABC wishes to flourishh in a competitive market, N-cube Trade link Private Limited acknowledges that it is the trust and belief of the customers that make or break a company. We understand the importance of living up to the expectations of the valued customers. Being a responsible company towards not only the society but also the environment is essential.

It is strongly believed at our company that quality should be inculcated as a habit among all the employees, technocrats and partners associated with the company. Securing a long-term and healthy partnership with its customers is top priority at N-cube Trade link Private Limited.

Quality is emphasized through continuous improvement, involvement, commitment and research in the company.

Our Company has launched our brands under the Trade name Ala Blending Company.